Top Martial Arts "Create New Beginnings"

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"Create New Beginnings"

TMA Kids (4~12yrs)

The TMA Kids program is specially designed for all students. This is a constructive character development program where they will use Taekwondo to learn how to show confidence, respect and discipline.

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TMA Teen&Adult(13+)

TMA adult martial arts classes improve overall health by providing a great workout that releases stress while teaching self-defense techniques in a positive environment.

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TMA Family Class

Family Taekwondo Classes at Top Martial Arts will bring your family together with a renewed enthusiasm that no other activity can provide!

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TMA Camps

Your child will stay active, have fun, learn valuable life skills, and get quality martial arts training at our Taekwondo summer camp.

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About Us

Hello student-to-be! Established in 1996, Tiger Jo's Top Martial Arts offers instruction in not only the popular art of Taekwondo, but also a mixed Hap Ki Do program! This martial arts school is led by Master Woo Hyun Jo, a 7th Dan black belt with over 30 years of experience in Taekwondo. Since our inception, we have always strived to provide the best martial arts instruction, the most in-depth character development programs, and provide the highest level of community appreciation by teaching our program through local elementary schools! Here at Tiger Jo's Top Martial Arts, we will help you to achieve your own personal best! We look forward to having you as a part of our school!


Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.


I was one of his first 5 students and it was some of the best times of my life. I started when I was 4yrs old and stuck with him til I was in high school. He is one of the nicest and greatest teachers I have ever known. I would recommend children start at a young age so he can mold them into respectful young human beings. Also a great way to keep in shape. I still can do all my kicks and stances like it was yesterday needless to say I owe a lot of my good morals and great work ethics to him I also raise my children the same way he showed me thank you for everything master ju hyon seo - Scott Oliver

I started taking taekwondo at Seo's 12 years ago, and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I grew up tiny and was bullied in school. I was always hiding and avoiding people because I felt like if I tried hard enough, I could be invisible and the bullies couldn't hurt me anymore. When I started at Seo's, I had no friends, talked to no one, and if you didn't ask me a direct question, you would have never known I could talk. Master Seo and the staff taught me how to stand up for myself, to speak, and they showed me that I can be whoever I want without worrying what other people think. Seo's didn't just teach me taekwondo,they taught me how to be a real person again, and I could never put into words how thankful I am. I am the person I am today because of Master Seo's Top Martial Arts and if I could rate higher than five stars, I would in a heartbeat!

 Kathleen Canaday Minor
Kathleen Canaday Minor

In my seven years of going to Master Seo's Top Martial Arts, I have learned to appreciate both the way my BODY to exercise and discipline. I have learned so much in the ways of being fit and healthy for both me and my family. I appreciate the staff and their time they spend on each and every person in class. It all began at 265 pounds of being unhealthy when my daughter Olivia asked me to go with her and join TaeKwonDo. I was reluctant (as any unhealthy person would say) but I agreed for her being my primary reason. I am officially 152 healthy pounds and holding. I never thought this type of exercise would be so much fun. Years later, I am in the best CONDITION of my life (getting better in time mind you) and I am not stopping. I am currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt and my daughter is a 1st Degree Black Belt. She and I tested for our Black Belts at the same time - Such an awesome time. Thank you Master Seo for making me and family fit and happier. You and your team are awesome and your efforts are priceless and very rewarding.

 Phillip Ewing
Phillip Ewing

All Top Martial Arts Schools are licensed through the KUKKIWON, Taekwondo's international governing body from KOREA and are sanctioned World Taekwondo, the governing body of official Olympic Sport Taekwondo, schools. Our Masters and instructors are officially certified and hand picked by our Head Master, Woo Hyun Jo in order to provide the highest quality instruction available.